"Polymer & Light" is the keywords of our study.

Welcome to the home page of our "Polymer Structure and Function" research group. The focus of our group is to design and develop novel photo/electronic functionality of polymeric materials through fabrication of well-defined structures of polymer assemblies. Current interests include characterization of nano-structures by means of near-field optical microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. Based on fundamental knowledge of photophysics and photochemistry, we investigate polymer structure and dynamics from a view of polymer science. In addition, our group has a fully equipped laboratory, including a variety of laser systems, spectrometers, optical and scanning probe microscopes, surface analysis instruments, and a complete wet laboratory for preparation and characterization of samples.

You can see the photos of our facilities from this page.

1. Structure and Dynamics of Polymers Investigated

by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

This research project deals with the polymer structure and dynamics using the fluorescence methods. Photophysical process such as excitation energy transfer occurs in a nanometric spatial scale and in a nanosecond time scale. We investigate the microscopic structures and fast motion of polymers through the spectra and temporal profiles of the fluorescence from dye molecules introduced in the systems.

Recently, we have introduced near-field optics to study the polymer structure. Near-field optical microscopy achieves a high spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit of light. The morphology of polymer ultrathin films is investigated from the single chain level to the mesoscopic scale. The development of novel near-field microscopy is also studied as well as the nano-optical analysis of polymer systems.

Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Using Ultra-Short Pulse Laser System

Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy for Structural Analysis of Polymer Systems

1.1. Development of Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy and Its Application to Structural Analysis of Polymer Systems

1.2. Structure of Polymer Ultrathin Films Studied by Novel Optical Techniques and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

1.3. Local Dynamics of Polymers by the Time-Resolved Fluorescence Depolarization Method

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2. Photochemistry and Photophysics in Polymer Systems

and Development of Novel Optoelectronic Devices and Organic Solar Cells

We study photochemical and photophysical processes in polymer systems such as excitation energy transfer and electron transfer by using ultrashort pulsed laser systems and time-resolving spectroscopy. We also aim to develop novel optoelectronic devices in which fundamental processes are well controlled by nanostructured ultrathin polymer films. In particular, our recent research focuses on design of polymer solar cells based on novel idea and concept in polymer structure and functions.

Pump-Probe Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

Layer-by-layer Deposition Technique

Polymer Solar Cell

2.1. Organic Solar Cells

2.2. Photophysics and Photochemistry in Polymer Systems

2.3. Nanometric Design of Optoelectronic Functions with Ultrathin Polymer Films

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